We would like to thank you for your support. Over the past 120 years, we have been connecting with people through real estate development, building cities, building communities. We strive to create “Sustainable Housing” in the new environment to develop living of people by maximizing occupant well-being. We also focus on environmental protection along the way: “Ecology of habitat” that we hold and practice forever.


We focus on creating home that connect with life based on the philosophy of the company, “Creating Happiness To Others Is Our Pleasure.” Throughout the years we have developed our projects, we have gained trust from our customers. Communities the we built have been recognized by the people around. City revitalization and the City to Prevent Crime The customers and the community will be happy. Employees and participants in the company. Everyone will be happy too.


At present, the life of residential buildings is 30 years, but the company is determined to extend the life of the building which aligns with Japanese economy and global environment. The special construction method called “Skeleton-Infill” is an innovation to develop a 100-year-old home, called “advance social development”. We promise that Shinwa will be the company that will continue to develop and improve. If we develop a home for 100 years, it is our next goal.


We are determined that Shinwa will be the number one company in the minds of customers, communities and society forever.

MR. Junji Maruo
Representative Director and President