Our Happiness Area

Which, a real estate development company offers a full range of residential services for your family happiness including planning and construction. Shinwa focus to build “Home” with mixed-use development that residents and community are combined together. With full-experienced of architecture and our professional construction contractors, we assure that our residents will be fulfilled with reliability, pride, and happiness.

We have a passion to meet all your needs because our first priority is residents’ happiness. Our main vision is providing the best professional services to all customers for the most high-quality constructions. Moreover, we shall to explore the limits of your imagination by our home building with perfect design and space. According to every aspect mentioned, all residents will acquire the best “Home with Heart” from Shinwa.
We are here to make your custom home a reality by our design flexibility and creativity.With our high-class construction and maintenance, Shinwa buildings are extremely safe and durable for being your future property inheritance. Living in “Shinwa House” will makes you feel like living in your home-with-heart.
Focusing on “simple living space”, you will relax with our breathtaking interior design and custom space for your different lifestyles. To achieve our goal “fulfill your happiness in living”, we always develop our building with new creative styles.
For the most convenient in your daily life, we offer only a prime location near to place of interest and public areas including schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and other facilities. Thus, with our leading expert services, Shinwa buildings will be one of your great investment solutions in the future.

Rooftop Farm for Community

Due to high privacy in the modern society, especially in condominium, we create an outdoor rooftop farm for community healing, sharing organic foods, and having fun with activities. Apart from building a stronger sense of community, our rooftop farm also supports security policy in term of all neighborhoods have already known each other.

Community Onsen

In Japan, their onsens are full of historical background including politic and ancient wisdom that integrate local people from different generations, both children and elders, together. Consequently, we also provide an exclusive onsen “Hinata No Yu” on the top floor with community healing purpose as the rooftop farms for our residents. Within Shinwa development, our residents and surrounded community will be connected as the one whole group.

One story floor plans

Which house style is perfect for you regardless age and ability? It is a house with no stairs that almost located in a large lot like suburb.  But talking about the convenience, you better live in the city more than the countryside. That is why Shinwa decided to use SI Construction System- easy by Lunes to streamline building process since the structural design style that divided into a separate section is easy to change and maintain. Therefore, your home can become a legacy that fit with every generation of family members for a hundred years.

Home for kids and elders

While children need parents to help them every single step of their childhood, elders are people with a plenty of wisdom and experiences; thus, the interaction between them can make a good environment. Therefore, it is our goal to create a place for family where kids and elders can live together-a condominium that has a room for elders and kids in the same area. We have a recreation space for kids and elders at rooftop garden with a sandbox, so they can play or relax.

We need a family time.

It looks impossible for family members to live together in one room at condominium. Therefore, we put Kid’s room and a bed room along the way from the front door to the living space which is the last one. You are not going to notice that our ordinary layout will change the living room as a main part of your house. It is our ways to grow a relationship between family members as they can spend more time together by interacting and having a conversation.