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As we are Shinwa Real Estate Development Company, we assist you in every single stage involved raw-land real estate assets, and management of condominium and service apartment rentals which are the strengths that make Shinwa establishes a business. We concern about the environment and we think as if we were residents themselves. Shinwa has been developing for over 50 years by fulfilling our client’s happiness in living. For example; our residents want to live on ground floor with onsens, so we choose Lunes Construction System to increase your keeping area which is very convenient and easy to maintain.

Shinwa Real Estate Development begins with finding a land to profit management

We are reliable for being a Construction Business Partner

Shinwa Real Estate has a reliable associated company to take a responsibility for the construction. The customers can believe that they will have superior quality from us.

Advantages from working with Shinwa



Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is Shinwa new condominium. For over the years, customers are more concerning about building safety, earthquake-resistant structure, and utility space. Therefore, we try to find the best location to meet our customers’ satisfaction. For example, although you live in a high-rise building, we designed by concerning about the room where the sunlight and the breeze are admitted.


In addition, we have the strictly standard for building inspection and quick repair service.


As we are architecture expert, our goal is to make a different in building development. For instance, a condominium with spa or onsens that focused on therapy. We develop one-level condos with one story home concept by taking our residents’ happiness as first priority.


As we have been developed “home” with our heart, we got plenty of ideas to give our residents a happiness that finally becomes “our happiness.”